A New Chapter in the USAF Life: Little Rock (again)

Here we are again!  Same base.  Same street.  New squadron.  Ryan is learning to fly the C130J and the kids and I are trying to fall into a comfortable rhythm around his dynamic schedule.  Our current read aloud book is A Girl of the Limberlost and it’s one of those books that leaves you warm and fuzzy after every chapter.  The book takes place mostly outdoors, so I find myself longing for a back porch that overlooks the woods where I can sit and listen to the birds chirp and the leaves rustle.  After two years in Turkey, We are all looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States this year.

We haven’t completely settled in here yet, and I’m not sure what’s holding us back.  Maybe Ryan’s school?   I’m not ready to start up my business yet.  It hurts so much to leave my clients, that I think I’ve reached a point at which I’m afraid to even build the relationships.  Does that make sense?  I’m not sure.  I have photos on my camera from the past four months that I haven’t downloaded.  I look at the camera and my heart feels heavy.  Some days I consider never starting my business again.  But, I am pretty sure it’s just a temporary discouragement attributable to the Air Force lifestyle.  Many would say, “Suck it up.”  A few would say, “I understand”.  You know who you are, and I need to hear both.  :)     Thankfully, when I’m out shopping I see toddlers bouncing around and I get the familiar pull to capture them on film (digital sensor); so, I don’t think I’m out for the count.  Just on a loooong break.  I do appreciate everyone who has asked me when I’ll be available for portraits – it makes me feel quite loved.

I recently celebrated my 40th birthday and my most treasured gift was from my oldest son, who decided to stay and visit with me for a month.  I love the relationship with my adult children – we’ve moved from parent/child to mentor/mentee, and I cherish it.  Logan and I have been reading many books and discussing many topics, both abstract and current events.  Having Logan here just reinforces the positives of being back at Little Rock.

It is a new and different experience to return to a base we’ve been stationed at previously.  While we know the area and the available amenities, some of the people have changed and the outlook is different – more relaxed.  I believe that the new year will find us hitting our stride and making the most of our second tour at The Rock.  Now, on this November morning, I return to my coffee and to my latest (rediscovered) book:  Tarzan!  If you’ve never read it, you MUST!  If you have boys who are reluctant to read, read a couple chapters of Tarzan and then lay the book down.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you find them pick it up and try to continue on their own.