About Me


I love to read! Nothing compares to losing myself in a great book! Some of my favorite authors over the years are: Stephen King, Terry Brooks, and Jodi Picoult. My favorite all time book is My Sister’s Keeper. Yes, I was screaming at the author when I finished the book.


I prefer movies over TV, and I’m trying to talk my husband into turning off cable so that we’ll read more (so far unsuccessful). My favorite movies are Armageddon, You’ve Got Mail, and Multiplicity. My favorite TV show of the moment is Storage Wars – GO BARRY!


I am an information junkie. When I require a new skill, I jump on it, and discover all that I can about it. I love a good challenge and will scour all resources to solve a problem. For me the rush of learning is better than the accomplishment at the end. I know.

Married to the Air Force, I’m currently living it up in Turkey! I’ll not be doing my regular newborn and maternity work, because I want to get my family out and exploring the beautiful history and culture of Turkey. While here I’m going to focus on teaching others, furthering my own education, and hopefully entering some print competitions. In 2013, I reached a long time goal of obtaining my Certified Professional Photographer designation, which distinguishes me as a photographer with technical excellence. I love to teach and learn from others of all skill levels, and I have no secrets. Also, I was recently accepted as a CPP liaison, so if you’re a professional photographer interested in making the greatest educational journey for your career, I will show you the way!

These kick-ass images of me were captured by the beautiful Lizzy Yates.


Anywhere, anytime, milk, dark, melted, frozen. I love it all, but my favorite will always be those silver wrapped dollops – Hershey’s Kisses.


Remarkably, it melts the stress away! I find that I love creating baby hats. They are fun, fast, and simple! Hey, it beats therapy!


Over the years I’ve tried lifting, swimming, and various fad-DVDs, but I always come back to running. Outside. Away from my kids.