Advanced Photography

You have taken Mommy Photography 101, and you know how to shoot on manual,  you know that the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work together to create a correct exposure.  Plus, that Becky chic from Rebecca Williams Photography was just an all around cool person to hang out with.  You want more!  You want FIVE hours more!  Well, here it is:  Advanced Photography from Rebecca Williams Photography!  I know – take a minute to recompose yourself…

Advanced Photography is packed full of fun photography details.  You’ll learn about choosing the correct camera body and lens for the situation.  We’ll talk about ways to adjust colors in camera – and why you want to.  We’ll talk about finding the light: indoors, outdoors, anywhere.  We’ll play around with shutter speed – learn about freezing action and showing motion.  Then we’ll move to the aperture, and discover how changing this setting can change the story of your image.  We will explore, in detail, white balance and metering.  We’ll talk about workflow – image resolution, JPEG or RAW (RAW!!), editing, printing, backup, etc.  If there’s time left, we will work with Off Camera Flash (which will make you want to go buy another $600 of equipment).

I want this class to be five hours of learning, shooting, and fun!  You will NEED to know how to work your camera on its manual setting to get the maximum benefit from this class.  There are no secrets to photography, and everything I’ll be teaching can be found for free on “The Internets”.   However, one of the biggest roadblocks I’ve found when trying to learn is setting aside time.  This class gives you time to play, learn, and discover more about the passion that is photography.  Even professional photographers may want to join this class – just for the growth that comes from shooting with others.

The cost is $125, and you must register with the TCAC – (501) 987-7588 .

BRING YOUR CAMERA AND YOUR OWNER’S MANUAL TO CLASS!  Also feel free to bring ANYTHING photography related that you have.

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