More About Me

by Becky on June 17, 2014

I know I have the About Me page, but after reading all about what I love, you might want to know more – what makes me tick, what are my passions, where does my heart lie?  I’ve selected a few blog posts from the past that I feel will give you a deeper understanding of who I am. Enjoy.

First, a celebration of my seven year anniversary in photos.

Next, a list of what I’m most thankful for (inspired by the daily November posts of Facebook).

Read the next two together.  When a C-130 crashed in 2012, it hit me hard, and my photography reflected it.

While you’re feeling sad from those, you might as well read about the greatest heartache of my life.

Now, a celebration!

And, finally, I leave you with a funny.


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Roman Backdrop

by Becky on May 14, 2014

This weekend we went out exploring Roman ruins a couple of hours’ drive from Incirlik.  I captured a few images that I could use as backdrops in my digital portrait work.  Then, last night, I captured a few images of the kids to use as “practice”.  What do you think?  Can you tell she’s been “dropped” in?


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Music Warms My Heart

by Becky on April 6, 2014

It was cold.  Below freezing cold.  The Polar Vortex (a term I’d never heard before) of 2014 was in full effect in northern Ohio. Driving the five miles from my sister Cindy’s house to my sister Debbie’s house required bundling the kids from head to foot just to get the to the rented Nissan we were driving.  The wind was angry and wanted our skin as we marched through snowdrifts from the driveway to the front door.  As we removed hats, gloves, scarves, boots, and coats in the entryway, we started to thaw from the heat of the wood-burning stove.   The afternoon was spent in love, laughter and music.  Although the temperature was freezing, my heart was warmed.

Mom with her harmonica

Debbie on the piano, Dad with the dobro


Cindy taking a turn on the piano


Cindy’s reflection in the dobro


My oldest on the Yuke and youngest playing the piano


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Friends and “Friends”

by Becky on March 21, 2014

Friend.  Such a dynamic word.  We use it to describe so many of our tribe:  acquaintances, fellow squadron members, those confined (blessed?) to the same base.  As these relationships develop, the word starts to grow – to change.  The same word now describes trust, honor, love; but, when spoken there is no distinction between the two meanings.  That is left to the individuals involved who know they have gone beyond the first and have unexpectedly stumbled upon the second.  It is a bond and a knowledge that is unspoken and necessary.  We need and crave that second level, though rare it is.  Today, I am so thankful for the friends in my life; because without them, I could not deal with the “friends” in my life.


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Trekking Turkey – Again

by Becky on March 20, 2014

I’m thankful that we have adventurous friends.  On the weekends when we’re feeling like staying in and recouping from the week, our friends invite us to go a-castling!  “I was looking on Google Earth…” the conversation starts, and from there – we’re off!  Navigating the dirty, rocky roads through villages and farmlands, searching for our destination (finding other sites along the way), finally, we arrive and stand in awe of the sheer amount of time the structure has been standing.  So long that there is no rope, no visitors plaque – it’s just always been there – part of the landscape.

Roman structure – some type of water duct system

Random palm tree on the dusty road

View from the mountain side as we were attempting to storm the fortress


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