Certified Professional Photographer

I am so excited to be one of the 8% of photographers to be a Certified Professional Photographer!  Recently, I decided to take a break from client work to travel and work on competition prints.  However it’s not easy.  I feel like I’m missing a part of me- an important part!  I started to struggle with myself to try to find a balance – how can I still make photography a part of my life and also concentrate on the more immediate needs of my family and situation?  The answer, of course, is education!  I love to teach photography to others.  I love to see the light in a mother’s eyes when she “gets it”.  I love to see the pure relief of a struggling professional when she realizes a new technique will save her hours of time in the editing room.  Two years ago I wouldn’t have had the confidence to teach others.   Thanks to the Certified Professional Photographer program and my relentless pursuit of the designation, not only has my knowledge been built up, but my confidence with myself.  I hope that over the next couple of years, I can convince more professional photographers to follow the path of certification.  It’s good for the soul.