Cinnamon Snow Rolls

How do you celebrate “snow days”?  Any special activities or traditions?  I make cinnamon rolls.  After starting off last winter by baking the sweet gooey treats everyday, I had to declare that “only when it snows” will I spend the three hours it takes to go from flour to cooling rack.  This helped my kids look forward to snow days, because they don’t get out of school when the white flakes cover the roads.  They get to watch all of the formal school kids out playing while sitting at the table toiling over math and grammar.  Of course, last year it ended up snowing about 10 times, much more than the norm.  It has only snowed once this season, so everyone was excited when the forecast called for 3-5 inches of snow today!  Indeed, what a blizzard…

SnowfallThis was at the height of the snowfall, shorty after I snapped this, the rain started to fall and melted the snow away.  Nevertheless, snowfall is snowfall, so I started the cinnamon rolls.  It’s a family recipe from my mom and the icing concoction was perfected by my sister, Cindy.  I want to try to be more deliberate in documenting my family life, so I unpacked the camera to commemorate this small homeschooling family tradition.