Determination – Blog Circle Post

Determination.  I knew there was only one possible subject for this month’s Blog Circle topic, but we’ve been so busy here, that I wasn’t sure I’d have the opportunity to shoot for it.  Then, unexpectedly, during her six year portrait shoot, it happened.  At the end of the session she said, “Mommy, get one of me jumping!”  So I did.  She ran over to look at the LCD screen, and said, “I don’t like it.  Again!”, and she ran back.  I’m not sure how many more takes we did, but after each one, she would run over and see if it met her “high” (I am so freaking funny!) expectations.  She was determined to get it right.  Finally, she said, “That one is good.  I’m hungry, let’s go home.”  I love her.

Next in the Blog Circle line-up is Lea Hartman.  Enjoy your journey.

Technical Notes:  For these images I used my Canon 5D Mark II with the 70-200mm lens.  I also used a Speedlite (which I am falling in love with!)  Simple black and white conversion done in photoshop, and a touch of levels manipulation with the last image.


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