Do-It-Myself Family Portrait {Part 3}

Okay, now that I’d chosen outfits, and completed lovey shots, it was time for Abby and Thomas’ session.  I discovered a new “perfect” location around the big base lake and was so excited to try it out!  We dressed the “babies” (they are 4 and 5, but we still call them babies), and packed up the tripods and cameras and headed out just before sunset.  As soon as we arrived, I realized that I had forgotten my reflector!  I decided to shoot without it, because I wouldn’t have another opportunity to do the session before the big boys arrived.  Setting one camera up on the tripod for video, I attempted to capture the images I had envisioned with the other.  Instead, the babies took me on a wonderful journey of spontaneity and joy.  I never did get my ideal images; but I discovered something better.

Thirty minutes later the sun had set and Ryan and I started repacking equipment back into the van.  I had so much fun doing this session, even though I didn’t get the portraits I wanted.  Oh well, there’s always next time…


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