Friendship.  What a powerful word.  It can have many different meanings.  We can be “friends” on so many levels: acquaintances, intimate, Facebook.  But when does a friendship start?  At what point do you start referring to “friend” instead of “someone I know”?  For me, friendship is not instant.  I have to feel someone out over a period of time.  I carefully guard myself, not wanting to offend.  After many conversations with someone I start to understand how they think and what makes them tick.  Realizing the limits of conversation, I can start to relax.  Rarely, I meet someone who just… “fits”.  Someone to whom I know I can say anything and they, not only won’t be offended, but they won’t even be shocked.   A little over a year ago, I met just such a person.

Lizzy is fun, hilarious, and straight-forward.  She’s also a photographer.  When I first saw her work, I was drawn to the honest emotion that emanated from her images.  Although we hadn’t had but three or four conversations, every time I talked to her I felt lifted up.  When I asked her to do some portraits of me for my upcoming revamp of “The Brand of Becky”, she asked me to take a few of her as well.  It took us a couple of months to coordinate schedules, but we finally found a morning that worked, and we set out.

Yes, it was nerve wracking, both to have my portrait taken and to photograph another photographer.  However, it turned out to be a fun and fulfilling experience.  My goal was to capture Lizzy’s personality and beauty in these portraits. She is fun. She is an entrepreneur.  She is a mother.  She is a photographer.  She is my friend.