Since I was young, I’ve had an ability to capture a moment and make it memorable.  Through words in a family journal,  through a camera and scrapbook, or through a story told aloud.  Moments bond us as a family, and it is those moments we look back on when we are grown; the moments we pass on to our own children.  I believe that God gave me the gift of photography, and wants me to develop that talent to the best of my ability.  Part of the development is giving back to my community, because a portrait is powerful.

I have lived on Little Rock Air Force Base for two years.  During that time, I have volunteered my time, my services, and my products to various functions (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Father/Daughter dance, Holiday Parties, etc.).  I love it when I can tie the event to a charity or fundraising organization; it makes my heart smile that I can provide someone with a treasure in exchange for a donation to a good cause.

This year, as the holiday season was approaching, I wanted to do something BIG;  something that would benefit a military focused charity.  I decided to organize the Families for Fisher House event – I would donate the entire session fee to the Fisher House, and give each participating family a free 8×10.  At first, I was nervous about emailing the Fisher House for use of their logo, worried about designing the flyer, and scared to make the announcement – what if the Fisher House said “no”?  What if no one signed up?  What if it rained?  What if… What if…  What if…  I pushed those fears aside, and as I sit here today, I’m so thrilled that I did.  FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS DONATED TO THE FISHER HOUSE!!

Through this event, I’ve met new people, who have brightened my life.  It was fun to get kisses from babies and lots of high-fives and hugs from the kids.  I loved capturing true moments between parents and their children.  I loved seeing dads swell with pride and moms looking with total adoration at their “babies”.  Though it was cold for most of the sessions, I love that my clients braved the chill to spend a few moments with me.  I love that there are now families who have a family portrait.  I love that these portraits will be displayed in their homes for a lifetime, and then will be displayed in their children’s homes for another lifetime.  I love that when they look at their portraits they will remember the moment, and smile.

My clients ROCK, and I am so appreciative that they see the value in what I do.   It is that appreciation that affords me  the opportunity to give back.

(This is my mom and dad with my nephew, and I LOVE that I was able to capture this moment.)