Growing Family

I met Marcie when we were both pregnant with our daughters in Little Rock. Our husbands were class mates in AC school, and the four of us ended up hanging out frequently during the few months Ryan and I were here. Since that time, we’ve seen them from time to time as their little family has grown to a bigger family. Marcie used to tease that she was going to catch up with me, and with the addition of little Ruth, she finally has! I’m pretty sure she may pass me in a few years. :-) She came over on Monday and I had the lights on, trying to capture each of her little ones as they came into the studio area and then quickly ran back out to go play with my kids. I managed to capture just a few of all five together, but my favorite is the title slide, which, I think, portrays the personality of each of her babies: sweet, quiet Rebekah gazing down at precious newborn Ruth; studious, yet ornery Trey; curious Seth; and bubbly Anna – full of expression. I’m am so thankful to call Marcie a friend, and I can not wait to see the future God holds for her beautiful family.