Happy Valentine’s Day, Ryan!

rosesI get flowers, you get a blog post.  :-)

Everyday, I prepare lessons, teach lessons, shuffle kids, clean the house, feed the kids, and try to run a business.  It is exhausting and sometimes overwhelming.  At times, I feel that I just can’t do it all. (So, I stay in my PJs all day, and skip the ‘cleaning house’ part.)  I think of putting the kids in public school, or closing my business.  Perhaps, I tell myself, I’ll just run away.  I used to be somebody.  I was a manager in IT.  I was accredited in my field.  People would desperately run to me and ask me to fix a down server, and I would, then I’d be hailed as the hero of the day!  I’d get yearly pay increases, daily praises, and constant feedback.  I had three kids and I saw them twice a week and every other weekend.  I lived in an overpriced duplex that I loved.  I was a stone’s throw from a six figure income.  I was rocking the single mom lifestyle.  I was miserable.

Then I met you.  You rescued me from my stable life of quiet grief.  You were so direct, so honest.  I had never before had a conversation with someone who had absolutely no filter.  If you thought something, you said it.  There was no analyzing how it was going to make me feel.  What seemed to others abrasive, to me, was a great comfort.    You were absolutely sure of yourself, and secure in who you were.  When you told me you loved me, I knew it was true.  When you asked me to marry you, I was confident that you meant it.

Yes, my life is crazy.  But I am at home with my kids.  I am working in my passion.  I feel overwhelmingly loved by my knight.  Though the shining armor is a green flight suit, and the white horse is a C-130, you are the love of my life.  You made me believe in fairy tales, in romantic movies, in life.  I am happy.  (Crazy, but happy.)  The past nine years with you, have honestly been the happiest years of my life.  I feel safe, I feel loved, and I feel whole.  You… complete me.  😀


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