How to get a Rebecca Williams Photography Portrait at Incirlik

Rebecca Williams Photography at Incirlik

Rebecca Williams Photography at Incirlik

I’m offering studio portraits for the next week.  I’m not going to say this will never happen again, but I will say that I will be gone for a month in February, hopefully will pack out in April, and will leave Turkey for good in May.  It’s not likely I’ll be able to offer portraits again while I’m here.  So, if you want a Rebecca Williams portrait – now is the time!

What you get (all from same image):

  • 1- 40x60cm Wall Canvas print from Bonjour
  • 1- Digital Image with right to print
  • 1- Digital 4×6 Photo Card with your image inserted (example below)
Greeting can be customized:  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Happy New Year

Greeting can be customized: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Happy New Year

Days Available:

  • Friday, November 21 (morning and afternoon only)
  • Sunday, November 23 (morning and evening only)
  • Monday, November 24
  • Tuesday, November 25

What you need to do:

1. Email or FB Message me with the best day and time of day that works for you.  (Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, Friday evening).  I will respond with an appointment time and a PayPal invoice for the full $60.  I will also be at WinterFest – so you can reserve your time there if you wish!

2. Pay the invoice.  If you prefer not to use PayPal, you can bring me cash or a check, but the session must be paid in full to reserve your spot.  (Fee is completely refundable if someone gets ill or if you are not happy with your image)

3. Show up!  Show up at your reserved time and we’ll have a blast!  You will have your digital images within a week, and the Bonjour print not long after.  I will provide detailed instructions for ordering your holiday cards through using their $.19 print option!


I’ve been here 18 months (almost).  In that time I’ve had many, many people ask me “how do I get you to take my son’s/daughter’s/kids/family’s pictures?”  Every time I’ve replied with “I’m sorry, I’m not taking clients while I’m here.”  For where I am in my business, I just couldn’t design a structure that would allow me to market to a majority of the base, while maintaining the principle that I hold dear:  Quality product for the wall above all else.  Being stationed here is quite disadvantageous for running an established business.  I can not use the vendors I’ve built a relationship with in the States, which means I can’t charge what I charge in the States, which means I can’t spend the time with each client that I do when I’m in the States, and so on, and so forth, until my brain hurt and I decided it’s just not worth it.

But, I was not being honest with myself.  It is worth it.  I truly believe everyone should have a portrait of their kids on the wall. The portrait should stop the parents when they walk down the hall and make them smile.  Their kids should see that portrait hanging in the hall.  Printed portraits are important.  But, it takes time to meet with, discuss, plan, design, choose, order, and deliver printed product.  I needed to get my time with each client down.  I needed a way to make it happen.   When I saw the announcement for WinterFest, I knew that was the answer!  An event!  Multiple clients at one time.  I could set up my studio, get one quality portrait to be printed for the wall, and as a bonus, give the digital image so parents could print additional for friends and family.  It is a compromise, yes.  I would love to be able to spend hours with each client – help them design a wall of portraits in custom frames; but, that’s just not feasible.  I’ll settle for offering a quality portrait printed at Bonjour for the wall.  Are you in?