Improvement – My Second Film

I have resolved to introduce film into my business, and by the end of this year I hope to offer a film option to every client.  Beginning with an interview, I have coaxed a couple clients into allowing me to practice, but I have not completed a finished product for them – yet.  The first attempt should be ready soon.  I also have a few models lined up to allow me further experience at combining portraiture with film.  Alas, my main subjects for practice are (and always have been) my kids.  My daughter’s love of the new Lego Friends line inspired me to produce this film. I love that I am able to capture my own family’s memories in this new and unique way.

Someday, I hope to look back on this film and see the flaws in editing, shooting, sound, and story.  But today I love it.  Today it is my best work. Enjoy!


Thanks to:

Shade Tree Films – I watched a 30 second clip from one of their wedding films and was so overcome with emotion that I immediately registered for their film workshop. I thank them for being the inspiration to use my camera to it’s fullest. – I rented the 50mm 1.2 lens used to film Abby.  (Of course, I loved it and will own one soon.  :-)   )

The Music Bed – Alleviating my main concern with film and slide shows – music licensing – The Music Bed offers a wonderful selection of moving songs, including the one used in this film – “Crazy” by Stars Go Dim.


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  • February 2, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    This was so touching, Becky. I got a bit choked up. Love and miss you friend! You are so talented!

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