Basic Photo Course

Call the community center to sign up for the next Basic Photography class!

This basic class is geared toward the new DSLR (camera with a detachable lens) owner.  This class is for you if you leave your camera’s mode dial on the “Auto” (green box), P, Av, Tv, or any setting other than “M” for Manual!  The only way to get reliably consistent images is to shoot in Manual mode.  This class will show you how to use the Aperture (f-stop), Shutter Speed, and ISO together to create the perfect exposure for any situation.  Metering, white balance, backups, and printing will also be briefly discussed.  If you own an $800, $1500, or $2000 camera and are shooting on Auto – you are not realizing the full potential of your investment.

This class will rock your world!  Two hours packed with information, the experience may seem overwhelming.  However, I’ll be here for questions after the class via email or facebook.  Practice is the only way to improve and become comfortable with shooting in manual and I encourage you to get out there and start photographing!


Your Camera with a lens

A CHARGED battery

Memory Card WITH SPACE


Depth of Field

You should be telling your camera how much of an image you want to be acceptably sharp. Don’t let your camera make this decision!

Shutter Speed

Do you want your image to show motion or freeze it? Take control and be the boss of your camera!


Capture the image YOU see, not the one your camera sees!

Focus Points

Focus is one of the most important aspects of a photograph. You don’t really want your camera to guess at it do you?

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