Music Warms My Heart

It was cold.  Below freezing cold.  The Polar Vortex (a term I’d never heard before) of 2014 was in full effect in northern Ohio. Driving the five miles from my sister Cindy’s house to my sister Debbie’s house required bundling the kids from head to foot just to get the to the rented Nissan we were driving.  The wind was angry and wanted our skin as we marched through snowdrifts from the driveway to the front door.  As we removed hats, gloves, scarves, boots, and coats in the entryway, we started to thaw from the heat of the wood-burning stove.   The afternoon was spent in love, laughter and music.  Although the temperature was freezing, my heart was warmed.

Mom with her harmonica

Debbie on the piano, Dad with the dobro


Cindy taking a turn on the piano


Cindy’s reflection in the dobro


My oldest on the Yuke and youngest playing the piano