Newborn – Emma

by Becky on September 12, 2012

Eight months ago my sister, who is ten and a half months younger than I, announced she was pregnant.  A few months after that, she announced it was a girl!  The entire family was excited and has greatly anticipated the arrival of little Emma Marie.   I live seven hours away from Pam and I thought there was very little chance I would be able to be present at Emma’s birth, although it was one of my greatest hopes.  On Friday, I got the text – they were inducing Pam because of high-blood pressure.  Immediately, I started packing and within three hours I was on the road with my two youngest.  Six hours later, at 9:30pm, I dropped off my kids with my mom and dad.  Two hours (and a tremendous thunderstorm) later, I arrived at the hospital.  I had made it!  Although it was my intention to document the birthing process, I could see that I would be of better use to my sister at her side.  As soon as Emma made her debut, I picked up the camera and captured her daddy holding his first baby for the very first time.

Daddy holding newborn Emma

Minutes after birth


Newborn on Mommy's chest

Snuggling with Mama

The next day, I went back to the hospital and did Emma’s newborn portraits.  I am truly blessed to have met my newest niece, and even more blessed to have captured her first moments in this world.


Daddy with baby


Momma and baby

My beautiful sister and her beautiful baby

Wrapped baby

Wrapped Emma


Sleeping Baby

Emma in her dress and cap made by Grandma.