Newborn – James

I met Rachel, a brand new to the Air Force wife, about a year ago at a squadron Christmas party.    We chatted about nothing in particular (we all know how great I am at small talk – not!), but in the course of the conversation I learned that she and her husband were brand newlyweds, they had moved from DC,  and they did not have kids but hopefully would soon.  Soon happened, and she booked me to do maternity portraits.  I was thrilled to photograph this first time mommy-to-be, but unfortunately, two days before her consult, I received an email that baby James had made an early appearance – six weeks early – and would need a brief stay in the NICU.

Six weeks later, Rachel was ready to bring him in for newborn portraits.  I was in awe; rather than being stressed out about the rigors of new parenthood, she was just enjoying every moment with her baby.  This first time mom had the wisdom to know that those days of newbornness are fleeting, and she was soaking them up. Watching her look into his eyes took my breath away, and I hope I captured just a fraction of the emotion I felt.