Now Matters

I find myself constantly waiting for the perfect time, perfect light, perfect mood.  Why am I waiting?  What if I don’t get another chance?

Tomorrow, when my babies wake, I will take five minutes with my six year old and my four year old.  I will capture my Abby drawing.  I will capture Thomas playing with Iron Man and Hulk.  I will use my good camera, not my phone.  I will treasure those memories forever.

There are twenty families who will not have the chance to do this tomorrow, but I invite my readers to join me.  Do it now.  Don’t wait.  Now matters.

UPDATE 12/17/2012:



One thought on “Now Matters

  • December 17, 2012 at 5:30 am

    I keep hugging them and making sure they know they are loved…the boy is not amused, but the girl pats me on the head as if to say, silly woman, I am right here…
    those are the things I need, the memory of the hug, the memory of the smell of the hair after a shower, the memory of reading together at bed time…I don’t have a good camera, but my cellphone keeps some of those memories alive for me…so do what makes you happy, take as many pictures as you can, but get down there and draw with her, and play with Iron Man and Hulk with him, cuz you cannot erase those memories mama…

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