Photography Tips {Rule of Thirds}

This one is quick and easy to remember – the rule of thirds!  This ancient rule isn’t specific to photography; if you study the master painters of old, you’ll see this compositional rule put in to practice.  The rule of thirds is simply – “Put your subject on one of the thirds of your frame – not the center.”  Imagine a grid on your viewfinder, dividing your view into 9 parts, put your subject on one of those lines.  If your image is a close up, put the subject’s eye on one of the intersecting points.

Compose your subject “on the thirds”.

Composing in this manner creates more interest in the image, causing the viewer to wonder what’s going on and ask more questions.  To ponder.

“Oh look, it’s a wine glass.”

“Oh, look. It’s a wine glass… but wait, what’s happening over there behind it? Is an ax murderer going to pop out? Where is the freaky purple light coming from? Why didn’t she photoshop out those wrinkles? This is not the same angle as the other shot, which I’m pretty sure invalidates this tip.”

See?  More “wonder”. :)

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