Reality Check

The day in my head:

I get up, put on a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, clean the bathroom, and feed the kids.  I even get dressed (after a shower if it’s a really good day).  I start the day’s schooling assignments (listed on a weekly plan that I printed off on Sunday because I’m so efficient).  The kids don’t whine, they just do their lessons.  I’m able to edit a full portrait session on our breaks that day.  When it’s close to time for soccer, the kids are fed, and ready to go – water bottles in hand.  We return home, and within a few hours the kids are sleeping soundly and the house is clean.  I go to bed at 10.

The day in my life:

I get up at 6:30am.  I’m already exhausted because I was up until 1am editing images.  I look at the laundry and the dishwasher and the bathroom and think, “What’s the point?”  I only get dressed if I have an appointment that day.  At around 8:30 I drag the kids to the table for lessons and then watch as, while I’m helping one, the other runs off.  They both complain.  Abby sobs.  Grayson scowls and reminds me, repeatedly, how “stupid” this is.  I try to edit images, but only get three done in the eight hour day.  At 4:45pm, I mutter an expletive and then yell, “Abby (or Grayson – depending on the day), get your soccer stuff on, we’re gonna be late.”  Thomas throws a SUPER DUPER I’VE WAITED FOR THIS MOMENT ALL DAY tantrum.  I physically force him into his car seat.  Oh yeah, they haven’t eaten.  I run back into the house to grab a snack.  I get back to the van.  “We’re thirsty.”  Water bottles.  Back into the house.  Back to the van.  Glance at the clock – 4:55pm.  Soccer practice.  Thomas is still throwing his fit.  Coach says something about the next game, or practice, or something.  I don’t care.  Again, Thomas is bent into his car seat.  Back home.  Feed them something – anything.  Dunk them in the tub.  Put them in bed.  Get back to Grayson, who is not finished with his “stupid” schoolwork.  Get him to bed.  Stay up until 1 am editing images.