Running a Business the Right Way

Throughout my adult life, I have owned or co-owned several businesses.  “Follow the Rules” is big on my Life List,  so starting a business has always begun with a phone call to City Hall to find out what needed to happen to make sure I was running my business in compliance with the local guidelines – they are different from state to state, county to county and even city to city.  Our move to Little Rock Air Force Base threw me a little, because I didn’t know what the “rules” were for on-base businesses.  So, I started at the Welcome Center.  Then went to City Hall.  Then back (“Oh, you’re a photographer?  There’s a special rule for that”).  Then to the water dept.  Then the Welcome Center.  Then back to City Hall.  Finally, after many weeks of pulling my hair, and just as I was ready to throw my hands up, I received my City of Jacksonville business license.  I felt awesome – like I’d conquered the world.  Because the process is so convoluted, I can see how it might discourage others from pursuing the license, so I created this infographic explaining the required steps.  I love being able to tell my clients that I am a legitimate, legal, taxpaying business, and I think they appreciate that.  I hope this graphic will help other entrepreneurs on base as they build their businesses.

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