Super Monday May 2013

Super Monday Class – Little Rock – Rebecca Williams Photography

Lighting is the foundation of photography; without light we have a black sensor.  Understanding light will free your mind to think creatively and will take your work to a new level. 

This class is kind of like a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.  Sometimes, we as photographers fall into the profession.  We take great snapshots;  family and friends want to pay us and we say, “Sounds Wonderful”!  Then as reality sets in we realize that great snapshots will not pay the bills- our work looks like everyone else’s; we need great photographs.  We know we should know the lingo, but we are a couple of years into our business and cannot carry on an intelligent conversation about the industry we represent.  It all seems so boring:  f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO.  Reciprocity laws, white balance, short light, broad light, soft light, hard light.  All terms you should know by now, but somehow, you’ve missed the class on lighting.  Plus, you can’t really TELL anyone that you don’t know, because you’re the professional – you’re supposed to know. 

Sound familiar?  This Super Monday class is for you!  We will cover in depth all things lighting!  If you’ve never used a light meter, if you’ve never set a custom white balance, if you’ve never used your speedlights off camera:  this class will inspire you!  If you can’t identify lighting patterns, or don’t know how to soften shadows, this class will be the ah-ha! you’ve been searching for.  Just one day and $120 will change your business.  I’m so looking forward to seeing you there!

Bring your camera bag!  There will be plenty of hands-on time to play. 

This class is intended for the professional photographer who has been photographing for a while – it is not a “how to use your camera” class.

If you have questions, or would like to attend, just send me an email:  The class is on Monday, May 13th and is being held at the Brides in Bloom photography studio.

Custom White Balance – Better than Lightroom!

A light meter is your brain for light – I use mine all the time, even with continuous lights in the studio!

If you don’t own one of these, start budgeting today – speedlights are super fun and can release your creative side.


PPA members receive a merit toward their PPA degree for attending!