The Blog Launch

Welcome to my blog!  I have struggled greatly with launching a blog.  How do I structure it?  Is it a business or personal blog?  Should I have two separate blogs?  Or just one? What should I title my blog?  Will I be able to keep up with it?  Does anyone want to read what I have to say?  What if I’m boring?  What if I’m not funny?  What if I say too much?  Would my clients be interested in my personal life?  Would my friends be interested in my business?  Above all, my blog needs to express who I am.

So, who am I?  Three distinct roles keep presenting:  wife, mother, photographer.  Although they are not always in that order, it is the order I strive to attain.  Being a loving, respectful wife will allow me to be a caring, nurturing parent, which in turn, will allow my photographic creativity to flourish.  This trickle down does not reverse.

Wife, Mother, Photographer.  That is too generic.  Those are my primary roles, yes.  However, I am more than that.  Those titles do not fully describe who I am or discern me.  Each one of those roles needs can be clarified.  And when they are, I start to emerge.

Military Wife… I married into the military late (I was 30), and I came from a 0% military experience civilian life. Being a military wife has changed my life.  The one thing that I’ve learned is that military wives can, and do, do it all.  Not because they want to but because they have to.  They are some of the strongest, most intelligent, most driven women I’ve ever met and I love them.

Homeschooling Mom… Homeschooling is right for me.  It is tough, and there are days when I watch the yellow bus drive by and have to peel my face off the window.  But the rewards are so much greater.  When I see the look in my three year old’s eyes when he mixes yellow and blue, or when my five year old daughter reads a book, or when my ten year old son brings me his latest composition,- to be there at the moment of comprehension – that is a great payoff.  Homeschooling is not for everyone, but it is right for me.

Professional Photographer…  Getting paid for what I love to do is a dream.  When I graduated with a degree in Computer Science I never imagined what lie ahead.  I have put much time and effort into educating myself as a photographer.  Knowing how to capture a portrait is a timeless art.  Though trends will come and go, a true portrait artist will always create a masterpiece.

That is who I am:  A Military Wife, A Homeschooling Mom, and a Professional Photographer.  My blog will be a mix of all three.

Welcome to it!

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