Tooth Fairy is Bankrupt

“MY TOOTH IS LOOSE!!!”  Logan yelled, running up to me with his fingers in his wide-open mouth pushing his tooth forwards and back. 

“Well it’s about time!  That looks like it’s gonna fall out in a couple of days.”  I turned back to preparing dinner, exhausted from working all day.

“I’m gonna get TWENTY dollars!”

I froze. “Twenty dollars?!?”

“Yeah, when Alex lost his tooth, he put it under the pillow and the tooth fairy gave him twenty dollars!”

“I think Alex may have a different tooth fairy than you.”

But, there we were two days later putting a twenty dollar bill under a six year old’s pillow.  We were young and we felt guilty.   Compare that to a few weeks ago, when Abby lost her first tooth…


“Awww, while I was gone??”  I whined.

“Yep, it just fell out!  Now I’m gonna put it under the pillow for Tootheetina!  She’ll probably bring me something.”

“Yeah, like a quarter.” I stated matter-of-factly.

“Or a hundred dollars!”

Tootheetina (from Pinkalicious for those of you with boys) left her two dollars and a note.  Three teeth later,  Tootheetina is re-thinking the note business.  😀

My friend says her tooth fairy leaves little toys instead of money, and I like that idea too.  What does the tooth fairy bring at your house?

Tooth Fairy Diaries