Turkey Travels {Ekotepe and the James Bond Bridge}

We’ve been trying to make a point of getting out and about more frequently – short day trips for now.  On this particular Saturday, we packed up the van and headed to Ekotepe, an organic farm offering a breakfast brunch buffet and sweeping views of the hillside.  We enjoyed the farm for a couple of hours then continued our journey to find the James Bond Bridge (used in the filming of Skyfall).  I kept waiting to drive around a corner and see the expansive structure, but as we went further up the mountain and the road kept narrowing, I began to worry that we’d made a wrong turn.  Finally, we rounded a curve, we saw it, and while impressive it was, the movie had made it seem much longer.  Regardless, it was a fun day away from the base.

This was a “STOP THE VAN!” shot; I set up my tripod and wished for a wider angle lens.


Waiting for a train!


The impressiveness of the bridge’s height inspired more awe than the width.


Organic Farm


The outdoor eating area was serene and peaceful and a peacock even strolled through the garden.


Olives are one of Ekotepe’s products. The trees are lined in orchards.


Another great view from the hill



I had to smell the roses!


Keep checking back for more photos from our Turkish Adventure!