Turkey Travels {Karatepe and Kilim Co-Op}

Last week I was flipping through “The Happenings” (the on-base magazine for what’s going on), and saw that Outdoor Rec was offering a trip to Karatepe – in THE RED ZONE!  I had no idea what Karatepe was, but we jumped at the chance just to get into the red zone (the portion of Turkey we’re not allowed into as residents of Incirlik).  We loaded into the Outdoor Rec bus in the early morning cool; the sky couldn’t decide if it would rain or not the whole day.  On the way to Karatepe- an ancient Hittite castle ruin – we stopped at a Kilim co-op where we were able to watch the ladies tie a few knots, then loaded back onto the bus headed for the castle.  It’s amazing the hands-on access we have to artifacts here in Turkey – we walked all over the ruins through an outdoor museum and marveled at the history.  The day-trip was well worth our time and I think we might go again if the opportunity arises!

This kilim was being finished as we watched.


There were two ladies working on this kilim.


The room was full of these looms.




The different dyes used on the wool.


A Santa Kilim?!?


The kids enjoying some Turkish Tea.


Our Favorite (But not favorite enough to buy).


The dyed wool – the other side of the room was lined with iron ovens.


Tea Party is finished!



Ancient Lion’s Paw



View from the castle ruins.


The castle wall foundation.


My baby running through the castle!




The path leading around the ruins – very serene.